Silent dance party breaks out in city


A DANCE party broke out on the normally sober steps of Sydney's Town Hall during evening peak hour but for bemused onlookers there was no music to be heard.

A few hundred people gathered and at precisely 6:11pm (AEST) each began gyrating to a beat that no-one else could apparently hear.

The event was an example of flash mobbing, where mobiles and the internet are used to gather a potential group of strangers and engage in what is normally an unusual group activity.

The silent 'flash rave" was organised by dance music website and was intended to celebrate "the traditional start to the clubbing summer season", which is the Labour Day long weekend.

Today's dancers were told to gather at Town Hall with an mp3 player and at the designated time they started moving to whatever the music was in their headphones.

The event was inspired by similar flash mob events conducted overseas such as an apparently spontaneous dance party that broke out at London's Victoria Station during peak hour.