Belt Debacle


The Zoo York belt, with bottle opener buckle

Recently, my wife bought me a new belt (because I'd lost so much weight *) by Zoo York, which contains a rather interesting belt buckle - it's a bottle opener. "How utilitarian", I thought **.

Then my engineers brain kicked in as I thought about the mechanics of having a bottle opener on a belt buckle, reminding me of times past, struggling to find bottle openers at parties and making do with a lighter/thumb pivot/lever combo.

Looking closer at the belt, I noticed that the flat edge, which is used to prise off the cap, is along the bottom of the belt, making me think that you would rotate the bottom of the bottle upwards to use it.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong here, but surely the only time you want to rotate the bottom of a bottle upwards is when you want to take a swig? I can only imagine the moment of clarity experienced by the 99% *** of drunken teens who try to impress a girl by opening a bottle on their belt buckle and pouring said beverage into their crotch. Very smooth!