Happy New Year!


NYE 2006 103
Happy New Year everyone! Last night was spent at Luna Park, courtesy of comp tickets from my work.

Things we did:
  • Watched the kiddies fireworks at 9pm - very cool, but nothing compared with what's to come
  • Rode on the Wild Mouse, a very small rollercoaster that threw us around 90o corners at very high speed. The bruises are starting to show.
  • Had a 'few' drinks...
  • Watched some of Ajax' set. Always good.
  • Watched the NY fireworks from a fantastic viewpoint (as per the photo). They had to be the most amazing fireworks display I'd ever seen. Absolutely awesome!
More pics from the evening are in my flickr feed - I borrowed Sam's camera 'cos I didn't want to take my 'big' camera and didn't work out the exposure setting until later in the evening. I wish I'd found it earlier :-$

Have a great 2006 everyone!